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Land Transfer Tax:

general guidelines on the calculation of land transfer tax payable on every registration and disposition of land in Ontario.

Registration of Land

Search land records or securely register documents and survey plans for a property – all in one place.

Lawyer Fee

If you're thinking of buying a house or condo in Ontario, you'll need a real estate lawyer to help represent you. Overall, a lawyer's job is to protect your rights by making sure that all the terms of your agreement of purchase and sale are complied with and that you receive a clear title to the property.

Appraiser Fee

AIC-ON helps the public find designated appraisers for residential, commercial, industrial and investment-type properties and helps people interested in learning more about real estate appraisal and the property valuation professional.

Home Inspection

Most houses for sale today, old and new, have defects or repair needs, many of them serious. In these cases, any savings achieved through lower mortgage rates or purchase prices can easily get absorbed by unanticipated repair costs after the family moves in.